Staff management ppt

Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. O www. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization to accomplish the goal. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.

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This typically involves making a profit for the shareholderscreating valued products at a reasonable cost for customersand providing great employment opportunities for employees.

In nonprofit management, add the importance of keeping the faith of donors. Organizing : Making sure the human and nonhuman resources are put into place Coordinating : Creating a structure through which an organization's goals can be accomplished.

Commanding : Determining what must be done in a situation and getting people to do it. Controlling : Checking progress against plans.

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Some ancient military texts have been cited for lessons that civilian managers can gather. For example, Chinese general Sun Tzu in the 6th century BC, The Art of Warrecommends being aware of and acting on strengths and weaknesses of both a manager's organization and a foe's. More and more processes simultaneously involve several categories. Instead, one tends to think in terms of the various processes, tasks, and objects subject to management. Human Resources: Human Resources 9 "Human resources" HR refers to any activity within a business or organization to deal with the management of its employees.

These tasks can include employment of staff, training, retention and other tasks to deal with employees inside an organization. Organizations tend to see Human Resources as a fundamental area to consider when it comes to growth and improvement. The main goal of human resourcing is to plan to 'drive innovation, productivity and prosperity of purpose through mobilizing the workforce towards excellence'. This was recognized by David Ulrich, who is thought to be the pioneer of HR.

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Human Resource Champions Book Human resources in general has great importance for almost every business or organization. Another name for Human Resources is Personnel. The person of highest command in an organization is the CEO. The people who are in a much lower level of command are the people who are the workers, and they tend to have more of a relationship with the stakeholders for whom they are trying to direct the outcomes.

Another name for them is called the workforce Organizational Psychology: Organizational Psychology 11 Industrial and Organizational Psychology also known as I—O psychologyoccupational psychologywork psychologyWO psychologyIWO psychology and business psychology is the scientific study of human behavior in the workplace and applies psychological theories and principles to organizations.After employing individuals to work for your company, you must create a proper Project Management procedure that allows feedback and maximum productivity to occur.

A staffing management plan or process is ultimately a document that explains the various human resources requirements that will be met for both staff management and employees alike. The plan is essentially a portion of the project management plan in which allows projects to be successful by properly managing various teams to complete tasks effectively and efficiently. A project management plan is created to showcase specific target goals as well as project deadlines for various tasks that your company may need to complete.

A staffing management plan can be created in two ways — whether informal and broad, or formal and details, each staffing management plan is tailored to the various needs of each specific project. The information provided within said staffing management plan is determined by the application being completed as well as the size of the project. Thus, creating a staffing management plan that is tailored to your business is imperative to its overall success in your daily operations.

The human resource It is also involved in specifyingThis is a guide for nurses who wants to learn the concepts behind Nursing Management. Regulatory Requirements — mandated by RA 3. Staff Support — staff support in place for the operations of the units or department.

Historical Information — review of any data on quality or staff perception regarding the effectiveness of the previous staffing pattern. Communication — exchange of ideas, thoughts or information through verbal speech, writing and signals. Since we started inNurseslabs has become one of the most trusted nursing sites helping thousands of aspiring nurses achieve their goals. Our ultimate goal is to help address the nursing shortage by inspiring aspiring nurses that a career in nursing is an excellent choice, guiding students to become RNs, and for the working nurse — helping them achieve success in their careers.

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staff management ppt

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Coordinates internal and external influences. They conduct day-day operations with some involvement, long term planning and policy making.

staff management ppt

Concerned with specific unit workflows. Deals with immediate day-day problems.Tap or click on the thumbnails here to view more images. You can also scroll left or right above or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

staff management ppt

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Nursing Management: Guide to Organizing, Staffing, Scheduling, Directing & Delegation

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Presentation Template 16 Slides Premium resource Unlock this file and gain access to other Premium resources. Report Download Problems. July 17, Download Type. This amazing template can be used in different spheres of working with people, such as teambuilding, staff management, recruiting process, etc. It is done in warm yellow-orange-brown colors, which are very nice and comfortable for the eyesight clearly illustrating different steps.

Also this template has two variants of background, different diagrams, scales and very attractive colorful icons. Download Free Samples.

staff management ppt

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Get your items in front of millions of customers. Upload your own products to PoweredTemplate.The main purpose of Staff Management System is to reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of Employees. And also generates the various reports for analysis. The purpose of Staff Management is to perform monthly salary generation, Attendance, leave sanctions of the employees and to perform search regarding various categories within less time. It reduces the human effort by making everything computerized.

Here we published Staff Management System Synopsis and source code. It takes more time for administrator to maintain all the records of the employees manually. Since salary calculation is done manually, lot of mistakes may occur. Why the particular topic is chosen.

The main purpose of Staff Management is to reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of Employees. But in the future we can publish this application in web. Hence it works more Convenient.

The main reason for choosing this topic is to reduce the time and complexity of maintaining the records and also to easily perform the task of book keeping.

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It also helps in accurate maintenance of employee details and calculating their salary. Admin and Staff. Admin has full Access to the software whereas Staff has limited Access. Software starts with a login form where Admin can login by entering the username and corresponding password.

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Shiva Prasad June 21, Modules Staff: — In this module, Admin enters the staff details like his personal information as well as his salary information like ta, da, etc. Admin also can update and delete the staff details.

Salary: — Admin will set the salary details like da,hra,cca,spf etc for the corresponding year and which will reflect for all the staffs. Admin will generate the salary of all staffs together in a month.

Admin also can update, delete the Salary details. Leaves:-Staffs can apply for leaves which will be sanctioned by the Admin. Staff can view the status of leaves whether it is sanctioned or not. Leaves also effects the Salary of Staff. Attendance: Staffs need to put Attendance Everyday which will calculate the working days of the staff in a month. Attendance also affects the Salary of staff. Admin can view Attendance of all the Staffs whereas Staff could view his own attendance.

Reports:-Admin can generate salary slip of individual Staff as well as Monthly Salary Report of all the Staffs can be generated. Settings: — In this module Admin provides login details for Staff.

Admin can also change the password. Admin views the login details of Staff and also generates details of government holidays.This Staff Management Presentation Template eye-popping pre-made template will help you restructure your data into memorable images and add clarity to your presentations and reports.

While these graphics are pre-formatted, you can easily change their size and color, and input your own text to make them your own. It is designed to help you easily create greater visual impact with your PowerPoint and Keynote slides.

It's perfectly easy to download our presentation templates and then copy the slides and graphics into your own presentations to be customized with your data. All of our charts and diagrams consist of editable shapes vector graphics that you can easily edit as you wish.

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All of the graphics in this professionally designed Staff Management Presentation Template presentation template have two types of backgrounds. Choose a light background or a dark one to best fit your presentation's major colors, text and graphics. You can easily switch back and forth between dark and light backgrounds to see which works best for your slides. You have unlimited creative freedom to make as many changes as you like with this Staff Management Presentation Template professional design template.

Edit the text, type your data, customize the colors and create a unique PowerPoint or Keynote presentation that's all your own. Some MS PowerPoint features may not be supported by your presentation software. Please read more about Microsoft PowerPoint compatibility in your software documentation.

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Employee Management System: Why and How to Start Using One

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11 Team Management Skills You Need To Lead Your Team

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Human Resource Management. Business Networking. Pyramid Style Network Infographics. Business Circle. Business Management PowerPoint Template. Program Management PowerPoint Template. Staff Efficiency Infographics Report. Personnel Management Slide Deck. Time and Clock Shapes. Presentation with Photos and Diagrams. Communication Concept. Company Staff PowerPoint Template.

Staff Presentation Template.

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